Spiritual Direction is one of the ministries we offer and Gary Strachan is the main provider of this. Gary is an ordained Baptist minister who has served in pastoral ministry and Chaplaincy since the early 1980’s. He has many years of experience in pastoral care and pastoral counselling, and has been involved in mentoring and training. He undertook his early theological training at Morling Baptist College in Sydney and more recently completed a Master of Arts (Theology) in Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Direction at Australian Catholic University in Canberra ACT.

Spiritual Direction can mean different things to different people, but is broadly accepted as a relationship of ‘Christian companionship’ where one person (the Spiritual Director) prayerfully listens to another (the directee) and helps them notice, name and respond faithfully to the movements of the Spirit of God in the life of the Directee. The goal of Spiritual Direction is to aid a person in their spiritual journey which is ultimately about the life and health and growth of their relationship with God. The role of the Spiritual Director is to help another Christian to recognise God’s working in all the events of life. They are a fellow-traveller, however, with some experience and maturity to offer which is demonstrated in wisdom and discernment.

The primary focus of the session is the directee’s relationship with God as it is reflected and challenged by all aspects of that person’s life. During a session the director may question, challenge, suggest, support, pray, be silent, whatever seems called for by the Spirit. It is however ultimately the directee who must own whatever insights are uncovered or the course of action that is to be taken.

Any Christian who genuinely desires to develop and enrich their Christian life and thought and who longs to find God in the everyday places and the extraordinary places of their life, would find Spiritual Direction invaluable.

Jesus said, “... whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst.
Indeed, the water I give will become in them a spring of water
welling up to eternal life.”
John 4:14