Our Labyrinth in our front paddock is a seven-circuit Labyrinth with over 1000 lavender plants along the crushed granite pathway.

The Labyrinth is a pathway with a purpose. It is a spiritual path to a sacred place. It is a powerful tool for spiritual transformation. Like any symbol, the meaning & beliefs that we bring to it, give it definition & significance.

The labyrinth is not a maze. You cannot get lost, even though you may feel lost. It has only one path. The way in is also the way out. The path leads you on a circuitous route to the centre & out again.

It offers a well-defined pathway that enables you to choose whether or not you will walk an inner path towards healing, health, & wholeness – towards God.

Time in the labyrinth will tend to mirror where you are in your own life journey, therefore every time you walk the labyrinth it will be different.

There are many ways to describe a labyrinth. It is a path of prayer, a walking meditation, a crucible of change, a watering hole for the spirit & a mirror of the soul, just to name some.

Against the backdrop of modern, busy living, labyrinths offer one way to slow down, to focus & listen to God. ‘Be still, and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46:10)

There is no right way or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Use the Labyrinth in any way that meets what you need while being respectful of others walking. You may go directly to the centre to sit quietly -- whatever meets your needs. You can walk a labyrinth fast or slowly. Any & all ages can walk a labyrinth. Labyrinths can be used inside & outside - in a paddock or on a beach, in a hospital ground or in a church or a cathedral. There are many different designs for labyrinths. Our seven-circuit labyrinth in our front paddock is pictured above.

Before you enter the labyrinth, spend some time in prayer with God, inviting Him to speak & preparing yourself to listen & receive from God.
Often, although not always, you might come to your Labyrinth walk with a question that you want to ask of God. A very simple question to walk the Labyrinth with is ‘how is my life like the labyrinth?

A very simple Labyrinth walk involves a three part movement. There is the releasing, receiving & returning.

The first half of the labyrinth is walked releasing/letting go of worries, concerns, & fears. At the centre of the labyrinth you receive whatever God has for you. As you leave the centre, returning along the path, give thanks as you walk towards the exit - back to the world, to your everyday life, to the busyness, to whatever awaits you in your life’s ongoing journey.

Reflections from the Labyrinth...

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Linda Quinn
Sunday 20 May 2012

I didn't know how wound up I was till I stopped
when I stopped and unloaded,
Talking and talking and talking
I started to feel relief
I started to feel

How hard it has been to tell God about how I have been feeling!
It's like I had a blockage between my heart and my mouth
I knew God knew
But I couldn't tell Him myself

But as I uncoiled my life walking around the labyrinth - I started to feel the blockage dissolving - not all at once - I could breathe more deeply - but not fill my lungs completely - not yet...

So I talked some more, unloading the overload - getting things off my chest
I had said all these things before...
but somehow this time - I felt heard,
it was like telling God - not just Gary and Jennifer

They slowly helped me hear myself as well
They helped me see myself
They helped me understand myself
They helped me recognise my thoughts and my feelings

To the labyrinth to unwind some more...
Back to ask God what He wanted to say to me
Back to answer His call to me to "Come"...

And so I came..
This time less wound up
This time able to talk to Him as I walked the circuitous pathway that led to the centre
This time ready to trust that He would speak and that I would hear Him speak to me

Confident trust was growing in me
The kind of trust that allows me to be led, rested, cared for, watched over

When I was wound up I couldn't feel
I couldn't confidently believe that God would be the solution even though everything in my thinking told me that this was true
I hadn't before recognised how destructive it was for me to have my feelings and my thoughts divorced from each other
It had happened slowly and incrementally and I was unaware... until now...

God's word says the joy of the Lord is my strength - and joy comes from knowing AND feeling - that confident trust - is a result of both. I need strength everyday to walk in this world and I need God's joy to be like a well within me, unaffected by the circumstances I experience - continually anchoring me in confident trust in my God. Joy is a deep emotional response that I cannot conjure up.

Galatians 5:22
...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, -

Joy is a fruit of the spirit - I want it to flow out of my life - freely - I cannot function without its presence in my life and be fruitful.

Holy Spirit come and fill me afresh - filled to overflowing - walk with me and teach me the unforced rhythms of grace talked about in Matthew 11

You invite me to come...

Matthew 11:28-30 MSG
"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest.Walk with me and work with me-- watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill- fitting on you. 30 Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly. "

So Lord I come... I am tired, worn out and burned out on religion - but you have brought me away to recover my life. You are showing me how to take a real rest. Teach me to walk with you and work with you - help me watch you to learn. Teach me the unforced (natural, responsive) rhythms of grace. I am trusting you not to lay anything heavy or I'll-fitting on me. Thank you. As I keep company with you I will learn to live freely and lightly.

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