Welcome to the Home page of the Manna House ministries.


Originally established out in the hills of Hall, NSW, just outside the Australian Capital Territory border, not far from where
the grapes and hazelnuts grow and the alpacas, cattle and horses roam, just off Wallaroo Road and along Oakey Creek Road.
This ministry was established on a 17 hectare property, called ‘Rivendell’.

We are now located at 27 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands in Queensland 4164

This ministry is named after
MANNA taken from the Bible that refers to the "bread from heaven" given
and used by God to teach lessons for spiritual instruction, as well as physical sustenance. God's provision
of manna was so we would learn 'that men and women don't live by bread only; we live by every word that
comes from GOD'S mouth' (Deut 8:3)

The focus of this ministry is two-fold:

First, supports & encourages the health and well-being of vocational Ministers and

Secondly, it encourages a more contemplative spirituality among all Christians.

Please explore our website to discover ways we might encourage you in your life or ministry.